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Vista Control Systems


PiControl Solutions LLC has teamed with Vista Control System to provide complete SCADA system capability. Vsystem is a collection of comprehensive, real-time, networked process control software tools known for performance and scalability, openness, support and training, and cross-platform/cross-version application. See www.Vista-Control.com.

Vista-Control data communications system and PiControl APC products provide powerful secure remote data access and advanced control benefits in a novel unique manner requiring minimal initial cost/effort and little ongoing support.



Yazzoom is PiControl’s alliance partner located in Belgium. Yazzoom improves company processes by means of data processing. Yazzoom leverages its expertise in advanced data processing and process control to deliver immediate value to its customers by improving company processes. Yazzoom creates value for customers by processing real-time sensor data or historical (big) data. Yazzoom also delivers control engineering and analytics services. Yazzoom’s know-how is being applied to solve many different challenges in totally different application domains. Yazzoom provides excellent synergy with PiControl offering and complements the technology in several areas. For more details, visit http://www.yazzoom.com/



PiControl alliance with Comex in Egypt focuses on Control Valve problems and the impact on control quality. Furthermore Comex is PiControl’s key
partner for services and support in the strategic growing industrial area covering both Africa and Middle East.