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Closed Loop System Identification

The PiControl’s Pitops TFI (Transfer Function Identification) is a powerful, multi-input closed-loop system identification tool based on GRG (generalized reduced gradient) nonlinear constrained optimization algorithm making use of 3G (geometric, gradient, and gravity) calculation algorithms. The 3G algorithms allow identification of transfer functions even with completely closed-loop data amid the noise and unmeasured disturbances. Most other competitor algorithms are susceptible to noise and disturbances, but in contrast, the 3G algorithm inside Pitops TFI can accurately separate the disturbances from the true transfer function dynamics. Read more to find how we can help with closed-loop system identification.

The Pitops TFI system identification tool can be even used to teach system identification even at the undergraduate level and community colleges.

The Pitops TFI system identification tool can be used for statistical and math research projects and also in chemical plants, manufacturing processes for system identification (transfer function identification) followed by closed-loop control system design and implementation.

The current ARMAX/ARX etc. approach used in other common competitor products is relatively far more complex and obsolete. Using PiControl’s invention the Pitops TFI system identification algorithm there are the following benefits missing from existing ARMAX methods:

  1. Bad data splicing not required, noise in data is not an issue, does not require preconditioning.
  2. Missing data/bad spikes etc. are not an issue- no conditioning required.
  3. Steps on the manipulated variables are not needed- closed-loop data can be used, even using just existing historic trend data.
  4. Detrending and/or normalization of data not required.
  5. Deadtime is automatically estimated, does not have to be set fixed by the user.
  6. Deadtime can be as short as milliseconds or as high as hours and is calculated automatically.
  7. Multiple inputs can be handled.
  8. Works well for complex, nonlinear, and slow processes with long-dead times and long time constants commonly encountered in chemical processes.

PiControl Solutions is the only process control and automation company in the world which can perform any advanced process control (APC) project completely remotely. Nowadays, every country uses high speed and reliable internet connection and with a help of medium to high resolution cheap web-cameras or even over widely used remote meeting and screen sharing applications it is possible to do complete design, tuning and optimization, FAT test and start-up of any advanced process control project. Over this low cost online/remote approach huge travel and accommodation costs can be saved and human health and safety can be kept on the high level.

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