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SIMCET – Real-Time PID Tuning Training and Simulation Software with Certification and Testing Module

Simcet is a real-time, online PID tuning simulator for practice and testing of tuning skills. Tuning PIDs in Simcet is exactly as if you are tuning loops in the real plant. The uniqueness of Simcet is that it also provides testing and grading features to test the PID tuning skills of engineers and technicians.

When new engineers and technicians come to the control room and start tuning loops, their prior experience and skill level is rather low. They are often afraid of making tuning changes. Simcet allows them to practice tuning a variety of PID loops on the PC, as the DCS simulator is in an environment identical to the real DCS at the plant.

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(Get PID control loop tuning training and practice on a computer- feels like working on a real DCS/PLC)

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Figure 2. Simcet Practice Tuning Screen for Distillation Column


Clicking on any of the canned simulations starts a simulation. A typical simulation screen is shown in Figure 2.
The user can fearlessly play with the tuning parameters in real-time as if he were in the real plant with no possibility of process or plant problems since he is “playing” on the simulator.

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Figure 3. Simcet Practice Simulation – Unstable Control Action


Figure 3 shows a loop that was made unstable by the user because of entering very aggressive tuning parameters.

In a matter of a few minutes, the user can create simulations matching process dynamics and control action of a specific loop in any plant.

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Figure 4. Simcet Instrument Range Configuration


Figure 5. Simcet Transformation Menu


Figure 6. Simcet PID Gap Action Menu


Figure 7. Simcet Transfer Function Configuration Menu


Figure 8. Simcet Disturbance Configuration Menu (Pulse, Ramp and Sine Waves)


Simcet allows menu screens to specify parameters to create a custom real-time online simulation easily. A few sample configuration menu screens are shown in Figure 4 – 8.

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Figure 9. Simcet PID Test Instructions


After playing and practicing with various canned (pre-configured) simulations and custom simulations, the user is then ready to take PID tuning tests. The user is allowed to take up to twelve tests, as shown in Figure 1. Each test shows detailed information on the control loop to be tuned. An illustration of loop details is shown in Figure 9.

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Figure 10. Simcet Final Grade and Certification Report


After completion of all tests, then a detailed grade report is generated, as shown in Figure 10. This report can be used as a certification and qualification record and to allow the engineer or technician to be skilled enough for tuning real loops in the control room. Simcet provides the required real-time hands-on training in the control room. The plant managers and supervisors can conveniently keep records of the Simcet test grade sheets to keep track of engineers and technicians who are qualified to tune and maintain PID and Advanced Process Control (APC) loops in the control room. With increasing emphasis on training, safety, reliability, and stricter government regulations, Simcet is expected to be a required software module in the modern control room environment in all chemical plants, refineries and related industries.

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