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PiReact-T, the cutting-edge simulation software designed for immersive learning and real-time analysis in chemical engineering and process control, represents a leap forward in educational and professional development tools. This innovative software offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies complex chemical processes for students, control engineers, DCS/PLC technicians, and researchers alike. With PiReact, you can effortlessly navigate through the intricacies of chemical reactions in a tubular reactor, emulating the dynamic interplay between reactants and products. PiReact-Tdoes not only give you the ability to perform simulations, but also to manipulate variables in real-time, offering a hands-on experience that mirrors actual industrial processes.

This simulation unfolds in a meticulously controlled environment, allowing users to monitor reactions with precision and gain unparalleled insights into process dynamics and reaction kinetics.

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Figure 1: PiReact-T


Educates and engages, fostering a deep understanding of process control without the necessity for extensive theoretical knowledge. This approach demystifies the complexities of chemical engineering, making it more accessible to a broader audience. PiReact-T offers the capability to observe and analyze trends of critical process variables such as process flows, levels and conductivity. Controller variables, Process Variable (PV), Output (OP), and Setpoint (SP) are presented on the dedicated chart. Users can save real-time simulation data for in-depth analysis of process behavior.

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Figure 2: PiReact-T Trending Functionality


Beyond the practicalities of operation and the educational benefits, PiReact-T by PiControl Solutions encapsulates the essence of modern process control. PiReact-T serves as a gateway to mastering real-world chemical reaction scenarios within a tubular reactor setting. The detailed analysis and reflection encouraged by the software deepen users’ comprehension of chemical reactions and process dynamics, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to excel in both academic and professional settings. Explore the possibilities with PiReact-T and revolutionize the way you understand and apply process control and chemical engineering principles.

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