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PID Control Loop Tuning Consulting and Improvements

PiControl provides detailed consulting services for improving PID tuning control quality with over 20+ years of hands-on control room experience with many DCSs and PLCs – Honeywell TDC3000, Honeywell Experion, Yokogawa, ABB, Emerson DeltaV, Foxboro IA, Allen Bradley PLC, Siemens PLC and others.

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Onsite / Online Process Control Training and Education

The world-wide leaders inconducting practical and industrial modern online, video-based and on-site process control, process safety and OPC communication training courses for all engineers, technicians and students related to manufacturing or research facilities.

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Siemens PLC / HMI / SCADA Design and Programming

Experts in primary or advanced process control (APC), rule-base or sequence, process safety or any other custom-made control logic programming and HMI or SCADA interface design using world leading Siemens PLC systems.

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DCS / PLC - based Advanced Process Control (APC)

Experts in the advanced process control (APC) scheme and logic design for maximization of unit production rates, minimization of unit utilities or waste and off-spec products or reduction of unplanned unit or equipment shutdowns. We avoid trial-and-error guessing methods and have a knowledge to mathematically calculate all advanced process control (APC) parameters.

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Model Predictive Controller (MPC) Maintenance and Improvement

We offer remote model predictive controller (MPC) maintenance consulting and support using completely closed-loop multivariable optimizer. With this powerful optimizer we can refit existing models and improves model accuracy without any need for new intrusive step tests and plant perturbations.

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Process Control Scheme Design and Improvement

We have 30+ years’ experience in designing new plant process control diagrams from scratch or improving the existing ones. We can help you to correctly place measured sensors and final control elements in the process and to have appropriate process control scheme active.

Process Control Performance Analysis and Diagnosis

Capable of identifying and detecting measuring sensor problems, final control element mechanical issues or PID/APC (advanced process control) oscillatory or sluggish control loop behavior, prior to any major equipment failure or a plant shutdown.

SISO / MISO / MIMO System Identification

The only process control company in the world which can do multivariable closed-loop system identification using completely oscillatory data of PID control loops in auto or even cascade mode without additional intrusive and long-term plant step test.

PID Control Loop Tuning and Optimization

Our specialized custom made PID control loop tuning and optimization methods are designed to achieve specific and desired plant goals, such as: limited PID OP rate of change, ramped or stepped setpoint (SP) movements or reduction of existing plant disturbance impact.

Education Improvement by Custom-Made Simulators/ Optimizers

We can quickly respond to any customer needs and design powerful but user-friendly engineering or process control simulators or optimization software tools. Moreover, we can help professors and trainers to develop powerful and practical process control education courses.