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Self-Paced CBT (Computer Based Training) Software

CHE100C: Basic Chemical Technology and Stoichiomentry
CHE200C: Material Balances
CHE300C: Thermodynamics - Gases, Vapors and Liquid
CHE400C: Energy Balances
CHE500C: Industrial Process Control - Primary and Advanced Process
CHE600C: Industrial Process Control – OPC Communication Protocol

and other Training Courses and Consulting Services for Process Managers, Chemical and Process Engineers, Control Room Operators and Technicians.

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Our courses are more hands-on than any competitor. Students download and install many primary and advanced process control (APC) software products on their personal laptops for use during our process control training. The software products are full-blown industrial primary and advanced process control (APC) software applications used by the industry. This level of hands-on approach tremendously aids the learning process and mastering process control theory and practicals.

We offer both classroom and online (web-based) process control and other training. Classroom process control and other training  is conducted in our training centers, at colleges, in hotel conference rooms and even at your plant-site or office location.

We use the most modern equipment and methodology for our online (web-based) process control and other training. Participants see not only the process control and other training but also have the option of seeing the face of the instructor. Use of modern web-based training makes our process control and other training more interesting and helps to focus on the training material.

Our instructors have over 30 years industrial experience and process control training experience. They not only have the technical process control knowledge but also skills to make sure participants are fully engaged and able to concentrate on the material.

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Enroll in our process control and other training and see for yourself why customers feel our training is world-class and the very best.