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PID Control Loop Tuning Consulting and Improvements

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PiControl provides detailed consulting services for improving PID tuning control quality. PiControl has experienced control engineers with 20+ years of hands-on control room experience with many DCSs and PLCs – Honeywell TDC3000, Honeywell Experion, Yokogawa, ABB, Emerson DeltaV, Foxboro IA, Allen Bradley PLC, Siemens PLC, and others.

Using PITOPS, APROMON, SIMCET, and PiProMaster, PiControl’s control engineers can come to the site or work remotely and help any customer worldwide to tune and optimize all PIDs in the whole plant. PiControl has an excellent methodology for remote work. Using emails, phone, GoToMeeting, Team Viewer, Any Desk, and webcams, PiControl will save travel cost and time and make many process control improvements remotely.

PiControl has done consulting, troubleshooting for many customers worldwide. PiControl also is an expert at process control commissioning – PID tuning projects, new and existing APC and MPC projects.

PiControl also conducts excellent modern, hands-on training on PID tuning, APC< OPC, MPC, cybersecurity, etc., for all plant personnel.

For PID tuning monitoring and PID control loop tuning improvements, PiControl will install and use PITOPS and APROMON software and either independently or with plant control personnel to work together and improve PID control loop tuning quality, thereby improving the plant operation and plant profits.

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