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PID Control Loop Tuning Consulting and Improvements

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PiControl Solutions offers PID control loop tuning consulting services to help you optimize the performance of your industrial processes.

We can help you achieve the following benefits from PID controller optimization:

  • Improved process stability
  • Higher product quality and consistency
  • Reduced waste and energy consumption
  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Enhanced safety and reliability
  • Extended equipment life and reduced maintenance costs

PID stands for proportional-integral-derivative, which are the three terms that make up a PID controller, a typical element of industrial automation. A PID controller is a feedback control mechanism that adjusts the output of a system based on the difference between the desired setpoint and the measured process variable. PID controllers are widely used in various industrial process control applications that require precise and stable control, such as temperature, pressure, flow, level, and more.

PID control loop tuning is the process of adjusting the parameters of the PID controller to achieve the best possible response from the system. Tuning a PID controller involves finding the optimal values for the proportional gain, the integral time, and the derivative time, which are the factors that determine how much the controller reacts to the error, the accumulated error, and the rate of change of the error, respectively. The goal of tuning is to minimize the error, the overshoot, the oscillation, and the settling time of the system, while maximizing the process stability, the robustness, and the efficiency of the system.

We have a team of qualified engineers with 30+ years of hands-on control room experience, 500+PID tuning projects done, 10,000+ tuned control loops, 100+Advanced Process Control (APC) projects, who will help you with PID control optimization for your specific application. Our expertise covers many DCSs and PLCs, such as Honeywell TDC3000, Honeywell Experion , Yokogawa, ABB, Emerson DeltaV, Foxboro IA, Allen Bradley PLC, Siemens PLC, and others.

During the tuning project we will analyze your system, define wanted controller behavior after tuning, apply the best tuning method, and implement the optimal PID parameters for your controller. In our control system consulting projects we use our own software tool, PITOPS, superior to any other tool on the market. Using our Control Loop Performance Monitoring (CLPM) software APROMON, we can also provide you with a loop performance analysis that shows the performance of your system before and after tuning, as well as recommendations for future improvements. PID control tuning projects can be conducted as on-site and remote consulting, according to the client’s preference.

If you are interested in our PID control loop tuning service, contact us today and we will be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you optimize your industrial processes.

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