PiControl Solutions


A large international Semiconductor Computer Chip manufacturer chose PiControl Solutions from four world-class competitors for a online plant-wide control quality monitoring project.

International DCS/APC Vendor selected PiControl Solutions software for a Pulp and Paper Process Control and PID Tuning project in Singapore.

Middle-East based Methanol Producer selected PiControl Solutions from five other and purchased PiControl Solutions software for process control training, PID tuning training and used PiControl Solutions services for Methanol plant stabilization and product quality improvement.

A large International Oil and Gas Company has selected PiControl Solutions software and technology over other major process control vendors and PID tuning/APC (advanced process control) vendors.

PiControl Solutions designed and implemented both DCS-resident APC and MPC using DMC controller for International Industrial Gases Company resulting in a 4% increase in profit and about 1-2% energy savings due to reduced venting.

An Integrated Oil Company selected PiControl Solutions software and services for PID tuning training, PID tuning optimization/simulation, DMC performance improvement and design of APC (Advanced Process Control) schemes inside the DCS or PLC.

Zagreb University selected PiControl Solutions software for PID tuning training, process control training, APC, semester-teaching and education. PiControl was the winner from over seven other vendors.

The control quality and operation of FCC unit and Topping plant at INA REFINERY was improved using PiControl Solutions software and consulting.

Cemex cement furnace performance was stabilized and improved using PiControl Solutions software, experience and consulting. Before PID tuning improvements, the Inlet furnace flow oscillated by +/- 10t/h. After PID control loop tuning optimization, the oscillations were reduced to only 1t/h.

A large international Korean Chemical Company used PiControl software and services to improve the PID tuning control quality of their Styrene Monomer plant. Production rate was increased by 3% and the plant operations were smoother and more stable.

An international Pulp and Paper Packaging Company used PiControl software and services to improve their production and quality. The plant’s process engineer stated that the ROI (Return On Investment) for this project was less than a month.

Refinery in California used PiControl Solutions software and services to improve the Hydrogen reformer controls. Cascade and feedforward controls optimization achieved remarkable improvement in the process where production was increased and process stability was improved. Efficiency was increased and savings were equivalent to $300K per year.

Several Polyethylene Plants worldwide have used PiControl Solutions software for reactor bed cascade PID temperature control optimization and production rate maximization. Successful automation of product grade transitions and stable control with enhanced automation was developed both at steady state and during transitions. The PID tuning control improvements resulted in increased production rate equivalent to over US$500K per year.

Lubrication Plant in Texas improved lube oil production by using PiControl Solution software and consulting. Lube oil production increased by 3% in addition to numerous automation benefits. Profit increase was US$2.3 million/year. All APC (advanced process control) schemes were designed and implemented entirely in the existing plant’s DCS. The entire project was completed in only 3 weeks.

PiControl Solutions was able to reduce gas venting, stabilize and improve control quality of gas supply to a Copper Smelter Plant and also several Steel Plants.

PiControl Solutions software and technology has been used to improve turbine control and compressor control PID loops. The process control improvements and PID control tuning improvements has helped to reduce shutdowns in Electric Power Plants.

At a Middle-East LPG/LNG Gas Plant, temperature PID control tuning optimization performed by PiControl Solutions reduced oscillations by 300%, equivalent to savings of $50K per year.

An Olefins Plant in Texas used PiControl Solutions for PID tuning simulation and PID tuning optimization resulting in significant reduction in oscillations and PID control improvements that in turn helped to improve the control quality of the MPC (model predictive control) system – DMC (dynamic matrix control).

Cryogenic Gas Plant in Pennsylvania saved $50K – $80K due to improved PID tuning control performance because of by PiControl Solutions software and technology which helped to reduce oscillations which in turn reduced venting and helped to maximize gas throughput.