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Superior Technology: Powering Your Progress with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Welcome to PiControl Solutions, where superior technology meets your process control needs with unparalleled precision and innovation. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions is what sets us apart, ensuring that your business stays at the forefront of technological advancement.

The PiControl Advantage

System Identification

PiControl Solutions developed system identification algorithm integrated with the control tuning software. Our system identification algorithm is superior to existing alternatives with strong points like:

  • Works with completely closed-loop or open-loop data without the need to do step tests.
  • Identification can be done amidst high noise, white noise, unmeasured disturbances and drifts.
  • Much less data required for successful identification (compared to ARMAX, DMI, step response coefficient methods and impulse response methods).
  • No need for data preconditioning, normalization, stationary data or step tests.
  • All cascade PID control loops (in cascade or auto mode) can be identified without any step tests, even on multiple chain PID cascade loops with model-based control and feedforward control.
  • Simultaneous identification of multiple transfer functions from various input variables.
  • Process as many as ten MVs (manipulated variables) and any number of CVs (controlled variables).
  • Identification of MIMO (multiple input multiple output) models possible using completely closed-loop data with the MVs in auto or even cascade modes.

PID Tuning Our PID tuning software and process control algorithms provide an integrated modern PID Loop Simulator. The PID tuning simulator is excellent for use in the control rooms for both training and PID tuning optimization. PiControl Solutions PID tuning is superior because:

  • Covers all typical PID equations and can be used for for tuning any PID control loop in any DCS or PLC from any vendor worldwide (such as ABB Ability, Allen Bradley PLC5, Foxboro I/A, Honeywell TDC3000, Honeywell Experion, Emerson DeltaV, Siemens PCS7, Yokogawa CENTUM, and many others).
  • Allows PID tuning based on multiple process conditions (step/ramp or even complex SP changes, disturbances - pulse, step, ramp, sine, noise, PID OP rate of change, control valve stiction.
  • Offers different PID tuning methods including PiControl Solutions breakthrough tuning algorithms (such as PiControl IAE, PiControl RO, internal model control (IMC), Ziegler-Nichols, Cohen-Coon, Lambda).
  • Can be used for simulating any control loop in any manufacturing plant operation (such as flow loop simulator, temperature loop simulator, level loop simulator, pressure loop simulator, motor control loop simulator, compressor control simulator, turbine control simulator).
  • Can be used for development of Advanced Process Control (APC) strategies (such as cascade control, feedforward, split range control, ratio control, fan-out control, inferential control, deadtime compensated (DTC) controller, internal model control (IMC)).

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