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Our PID tuning software and process control algorithms provide an integrated modern PID Loop Simulator. We offer PID tuning simulator free for limited time periods. The PID tuning training simulator helps to master PID loop tuning basics. The PID tuning simulator is excellent for use in the control rooms for both training and PID tuning optimization. It can also be very useful for teaching semester-based graduate and undergraduate courses on process control.

The PID tuning software can be used for Allen Bradley PID loop tuning, Allen Bradley PID controller, Honeywell single loop PID controller (TDC3000, Experion), Siemens PID loop tuning, Yokogawa PID controller tuning, Fisher Delta V PID tuning and really for tuning any PID control loop in any DCS or PLC from any vendor worldwide.

The PID control loop tuning software can be used as flow loop simulator, temperature loop simulator, level loop simulator, pressure loop simulator, motor control loop simulator, compressor control simulator, turbine control simulator, really for simulating any control loop in any manufacturing plant operation.

The PID control tuning software training and technology can also serve as an excellent PID tuning guide providing practical PID tuning methods, PID tuning rules and PID tuning rules of thumb.

The PID tuning software, PID tuning training will help to greatly improve the mastery of PID algorithm, control loop tuning application and control loop tuning methods. The PID control software can also be used for automatic PID controller tuning and adaptive control. It can be used to improve control quality and PID control performance on temperature controller, anti-surge control in compressor, compressor speed PID, turbine speed control.

The PID tuning software is integrated with system identification algorithm. The system identification software algorithm integrated with the control tuning software allows closed-loop transfer function identification with complete closed loop data without step tests. The transfer function identification is multiple input (not just multiple cascade loop chains) but with multiple inputs for simultaneous transfer function identification – a functionality that is very unique and powerful.

The system identification (transfer function identification) works even with high noise, white noise and unmeasured disturbances and drifts. The system identification is possible with ultra-short duration data windows, much less data are required compared to ARMAX, DMI, step response coefficient methods and impulse response methods. The system identification technology is superior to ARMAX and does not need data conditioning, does not need data normalization and does not need stationary data and does not need step tests. Transfer function identification is possible even on multiple chain PID cascade loops with model based control and feedforward control loops, with all cascade PID control loops in cascade or auto mode – without any step tests.

PiControl technology is unique because PiControl algorithm can process as many as ten MVs (manipulated variables, also called independent variables) and any number of CVs (controlled variables, also called dependent variables). The identification of MIMO (multiple input multiple output) models is possible using completely closed-loop data with the MVs in auto or even cascade modes. Even the latest version of DMC3 Calibrate from Aspen needs step tests superimposed on top of the DMC closed-loop MV trajectory, but PiControl’s COLUMBO software and algorithm does not need step tests.

Contact Us Today: info@PiControlSolutions.com, Tel: (832) 495 6436