PiControl Solutions


We provide Software and Consulting Services for:

  • PID Control Loop Optimization and Tuning
  • Advanced Process Control (APC) Design and Optimization
  • Real-Time Process Control Simulation and Training
  • Online Process Optimization and Profit Maximization
  • PID Control and Advanced Process Control (APC) Monitoring and Diagnostics
  • OPC Communications
  • Laboratory Information Management
  • High-Speed Data Monitoring

and other Training Courses and Consulting Services for Process Managers, Chemical and Process Engineers, Control Room Operators and Technicians.

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Our Core Products

OPC Products

Real-Time Communications between DCS, PLC and Servers
PiControl Solutions LLC is the world’s leader in OPC implementation to allow real-time data communications between DCS, PLC and Windows Server type host computers.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is the most modern, increasingly popular protocol for industrial real-time data communications. OPC allows various third-party devices, programs, DCS/PLC to talk to each other seamlessly and conveniently.

PiControl Solutions LLC has developed various OPC products to serve the manufacturing plants and chemical plants. PiControl Solutions LLC provides a complete grass-roots design of a new real-time data communications system, OPC Implementation, integration and commissioning. PiControl not only has OPC services expertise but also provides various powerful OPC software products to perform all OPC related tasks and services needed in the industrial environment.