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Real-Time Dynamic Heat Exchanger Simulation Software

PiHEx is a sophisticated real-time dynamic simulator of a heat exchanger network. This software serves as a valuable resource for universities and colleges that offer courses and lab sessions in the fields of heat transfer, unit design, and process control, particularly within the domain of chemical engineering. Through the use of this simulator, users can gain practical insights into heat exchange processes within heat exchanger networks. Simulator allows experimentation with various scenarios giving experience in how different process conditions impact heat transfer rates. This process simulator fits perfectly with the goals of new industry revolution, Industry 4.0. by enabling online teaching and a virtual laboratories.

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Figure 1: PiHEx Simulator Process Screen


The versatile heat exchanger network simulator allows students and educators to explore the intricacies of heat exchanger systems. It features two hairpin heat exchangers and one shell-and-tube heat exchanger, offering a comprehensive representation of industrial designs. Users can operate these heat exchangers individually or in various combinations, gaining practical insights into heat transfer dynamics. The ability to adjust the cold stream flow rate adds complexity, enabling users to study how flow rates impact heat transfer efficiency. In summary, this simulator equips students and young engineers with practical skills and insights, preparing them for real-world challenges in heat transfer, unit design, and process control.

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Figure 2: PiHEx Simulator Trending Functionality


PiHEx simulator stands out with its user-friendly interface and lifelike emulation of industrial plant operations. It plays a pivotal role in preparing students and young engineers for the practical challenges of heat transfer processes in real-world industrial settings. This simulator enables the observation of trends of process variables such as temperatures and flows, and it goes further by allowing users to save and analyze data from real-time simulations. In doing so, PiHEx simulator effectively bridges the gap between classroom theory and the complexities of actual plant operations. This invaluable resource caters to both educators and industry professionals, offering a dynamic platform where users can manipulate valves, select different heat exchangers, adjust flow rates, monitor temperatures, and collect data for further analysis. In essence, PiHEx creates an environment nearly identical to a real operator station at a plant, enhancing learning by experience.

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