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Real-Time Dynamic Simulator of Temperature Controller for Heat Exchangers

PiTemp is an advanced real-time dynamic simulator meticulously crafted to offer comprehensive training in temperature control for heat exchangers. With its diverse scenarios and practical approach, this software proves to be an invaluable asset for academic institutions, students, and aspiring engineers specializing in chemical engineering, specifically focusing on process control and unit design. It provides an immersive learning experience by enabling hands-on exploration of various scenarios, allowing users to observe how different process conditions influence heat exchanger performance. PiTemp is a powerful tool for in-depth temperature control training.

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Figure 1: PiTemp Simulator Process Screen


PiTemp transcends theoretical concepts by enabling users to manipulate heat exchanger process variables and adjust temperature controller parameters. This hands-on experience provides invaluable insights into the functioning of PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controllers within heat exchanger processes.  Practical exposure equips users with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle real-world challenges that may arise in industrial settings, particularly those related to temperature control and heat exchange processes.

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Figure 2: PiTemp Trending Functionality


PiTemp offers an intuitive interface for users to observe real-time trends of critical process and controller variables. This functionality makes the process evaluation clearer and more comprehensive. Additionally, all process variables can be stored for further analysis of process and controller behavior, facilitating a deeper understanding of the system.

PiTemp serves as a dynamic learning platform that empowers students and young engineers with essential problem-solving skills and a solid foundation in temperature control for heat exchangers. By optimizing temperature control systems and analyzing real-time results, users gain experience and confidence needed to excel in the intricate world of industrial process control.

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