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Industrial Process Control Internship

Process control internship for college students

Dear student,
Congratulations on deciding to focus on industrial process control as one of your minors or strong interests. 
Welcome to internship at PiControl Solutions LLC.  We have partnered with AIAPC - American Institute of Automation and Process Control to provide you with the best possible industrial process control experience.  Please see www.aiapc.org
College professors do a very good job in teaching Laplace domain, Discrete domain (Z domain), process control math, and academic theory but the semester does not have enough time to progress into the practical aspects of modern process control needed in an industrial environment.
This gap is fixed by our training and internship.
We at PiControl strongly feel we owe the process control community a lot as good citizens.  The process control community is a large family of process control engineers, process control technicians, DCS technicians, PLC technicians, safety engineers, reliability engineers all helping each other and learning from each other.
After completing this internship, you will receive a certificate of completion on industrial process control training and internship.  After completing this training, you would have acquired excellent skills listed below:
  1. Understanding of industrial process control
  2. PID tuning and primary process control
  3. Advanced process control
  4. PID tuning scientific methods
  5. Designing APC (advanced process control) inside a DCS or PLC
  6. Analyzing data from Excel files and identify transfer function parameters with both open-loop and even closed-loop data
  7. Multivariable closed-loop transfer function identification
 which would make your chances of getting a job in the chemical industry higher.   
Following is a step-by-step procedure that will complete your internship at PiControl:
  1. Step 1: complete PID100 training course.
  2. Step 2: Complete Level 1 Test in SIMCET PID tuning training simulator and attain a score of more than 70%.
  3. Calculate transfer function using real industrial data and mathematically calculate the PID tuning parameters using PITOPS process identification and controller tuning optimizer simulator.  
  4. Submit all SIMCET test grade reports and any requests to [email protected]
Welcome to the Internship!!!
PiControl Advisory Team
PiControl Solutions LLC