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OPC Client For Data Transfer From Any OPC Servers

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What is PiBridge?

PiBridge is an OPC client software product that connects any two OPC servers together.

Note that different OPC servers cannot directly communicate (transfer) data between each other. PiBridge facilitates data transfer between any two OPC servers. PiBridge can handle any data structure from any OPC server and then allow OPC communications from one server to another.

PiBridge essentially is a dual client OPC product that talks to two different OPC servers. There are many industrial applications for PiBridge. Following is a simple illustration:

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Example of the use of PiBridge

One OPC server is collecting data from a live online analyzer like a gas chromatograph. This data needs to be written to a DCS or a PLC using another OPC server (provided by the DCS or PLC vendor). PiBridge can be configured to continuously read data from the online analyzer server and then pass the data to the DCS OPC server. Note that the online analyzer OPC server cannot directly pass data to the DCS OPC server without a bridge program like PiBridge. There are many such similar applications involving multiple OPC servers where data needs to be transferred. PiBridge works with all types of OPC servers.
Configuration of PiBridge is remarkably simple. The user just clicks and selects the Input OPC server (from which data are to be read) and then selects the Output OPC server (to whom data are to be written). The user also specifies the frequency of the data transfer and also the appropriate tags from the Input and Output OPC servers.

For both the input and output OPC servers, PiBridge pops up menus to detect the available computer names on the network and then the different OPC servers available on the given selected computer. The number of output tags must be the same as the number of input tags. Sample output tagnames are listed below:

1=.IP000 PV
2=.OP000 SP
3=.OP000 OP
4=.OP000 T1

PiBridge provides a quick and easy method to configure as many as 2000 tags conveniently. Comparable competitor software products do not provide this unique capability in PiBridge to configure so many tags quickly and easily.

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