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Real-Time Dynamic Simulator of Level Control in Vertical Tank

PiLevel is a fully developed real-time dynamic simulator of level control in vertical tanks. This real-time dynamic simulator software serves as a valuable tool for young engineers and students, as well as the universities that offer courses and laboratory sessions in the fields of process control and unit design within the chemical engineering domain. With this simulator, users can gain practical knowledge of level process control by experimenting with various scenarios and observing the impacts of different process conditions. Moreover, this simulator empowers users with essential skills for real-world applications in industrial settings by closely mirroring the operations of an actual Distributed Control System (DCS) at a plant.

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Figure 1: PiLevel Simulator Process Screen


PiLevel real-time dynamic simulator software features a vertical water vessel with a level sensor, high and low level indicators, a level PID controller, two pumps, and a water storage tank. Users have the option to explore both manual and automatic control of level for vertical water vessel. Through hands-on experimentation and close observation of the system behavior, users can develop practical expertise and valuable insights into process control operations. This software provides a secure and controlled virtual environment that enriches the learning experience, facilitating a deeper understanding of these concepts.

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Figure 2: PiLevel Trending Functionality


PiLevel simulation platform enables students and young engineers to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation, preparing them for the challenges they may encounter in real-world scenarios. In addition to allowing users to manipulate PID controller parameters and experiment with different control modes in real-time, this simulator also offers the option to observe real-time trends of process and controller variables. Furthermore, it provides the capability to save simulation data for additional offline analysis of process and controller behavior. This immersive learning experience enhances problem-solving skills and equips user to tackle the complexities of industrial processes confidently.

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