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PID Tuning For Oil Gas

PiControl Solutions LLC provides comprehensive consulting services to the oil & gas industry – from the wellhead to the energy user and petrochemical consumer. Our PID tuning for oil gas services and focus on – oil and gas gathering, gas processing, oil refining, petrochemical developments, and training. Our services include:

  • Advanced process control, online-optimization, and monitoring
  • Wireless communications
  • Project feasibility studies and technology evaluations
  • Benchmarking and performance improvement
  • Pricing and policy advisory

We offer a full range of technical, commercial, and economic expertise derived from extensive global experience and hands-on knowledge of the industry. Our global consulting presence enables us to serve clients in any region. We can work with:

  • Multinational, national, and independent oil, gas, and chemical companies
  • Governments
  • Regulatory agencies
  • Development agencies

In addition to our oil and gas sector manufacturing and processing expertise, we also provide consulting in the supporting infrastructure areas (pipelines, ports, terminals, and utilities) as well as the commercial framework of the business sectors comprising the hydrocarbon supply chain.

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PiControl Solutions is the only process control and automation company in the world which can perform any advanced process control (APC) project completely remotely. Nowadays, every country uses high speed and reliable internet connection and with a help of medium to high resolution cheap web-cameras or even over widely used remote meeting and screen sharing applications it is possible to do complete design, tuning and optimization, FAT test and start-up of any advanced process control project. Over this low cost online/remote approach huge travel and accommodation costs can be saved and human health and safety can be kept on the high level.

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