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PiControl is unique! Our engineers all have a PhD degree in engineering and/or over 20+ years hands-on field process control experience.

PiControl Solutions LLC’s process control software is based on new, novel, breakthrough algorithms, different and superior to competition, where PiControl Solution LLC’s process control software:

PiControl software runs entirely in the time domain (no need to use Laplace, discrete or “Z” domain).

PiControl software can identify MIMO models (multiple input – multiple output models) and can work with complete closed-loop data (with PID control loops and advanced process control (APC) schemes in Auto or even Cascade modes, without any step tests) or open loop data.

The PiControl technology works well even amidst sensor noise and unmeasured disturbances without any data preconditioning or whitening.

PiControl dynamic model identification requires far less data than the current competing ARMAX and Box Jenkins methods.

Modeling method from PiControl is simpler, faster and more reliable compared to other vendors and competitors.

PiControl can improve any existing model predictive control (MPC) multivariable models like AspenTech DMC, Honeywell RMPCT, Yokogawa SMOC or PACE, Emerson PredictPro, Foxboro Connoisseure or any MPC from any worldwide vendor.

These features make PiControl Solution LLC’s process control software superior to other system identification, PID tuning and advanced process control (APC) or model predictive control (MPC) optimization methodologies.

PiControl engineers are very passionate and generously spend extra time with customers to make sure the software works well and the project is successfully completed. PiControl provides 24/7 support very passionately and generously.

See the difference, Contact PiControl Today: info@PiControlSolutions.com, Tel: +1(832)495-6436