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Real-Time Batch Distillation Column Simulator

Discover PiDistil-B, a comprehensive real-time dynamic simulator tailored for batch distillation column experimentation. Integrated with simulations of a column reboiler and cooling water valve, PiDistil-B is an invaluable tool for chemical engineering educational institutions, facilitating hands-on learning in mass and heat transfer, distillation principles, and process control. Whether designing practical tests, conducting laboratory experiments, or engaging in online teaching, this simulator aligns perfectly with the goals of Industry 4.0, ushering in a new era of virtual laboratories.

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Figure 1: PiDistil-B Process Screen


Experience the flexibility of PiDistil-B, allowing students and educators alike to manipulate heat conditions within the distillation column in real time. By adjusting parameters such as heater rheostat percentage and internal condenser cooling, observe temperature variations across column trays, influencing the separation of ethanol and water, Figure 1.

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Figure 2: PiDistil-B Trending functionality

PiDistill-B Lite Trending1PiDistill-B Lite Trending2

Save temperature trends and concentration data for in-depth analysis, enabling a deeper understanding of column efficiency and mixture separation dynamics. With PiDistil-B, dive into the intricacies of batch distillation without the constraints of real-world limitations, empowering exploration, and experimentation in a risk-free environment. Take your understanding of batch distillation to new heights with PiDistil-B. Explore the intricate relationship between temperature dynamics and separation processes, free from the constraints of traditional laboratory setups or the concerns of process disruptions or shutdowns. Transform your computer into a dynamic simulator, where you can actively manipulate parameters and observe their effects on distillation unit performance in real time. Gain invaluable insights and practical experience that directly translate to the complexities of the separation industry, enhancing your expertise and problem-solving capabilities.

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