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Innovative Chemical Engineering Technology Design

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Innovative Chemical Engineering Technology Design

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In cooperation with Comprehensive Water Technology (CWT) company, the branch company of Chemical Engineering and Technology University from Europe, we conduct comprehensive study, design, testing and final construction and implementation of innovative chemical engineering technology for small to medium processes, plants, research facilities and universities.  Initially the company's primary activity has been related to specific services and design systems of tap and waste water treatment based on a scientific-research approach, where with time innovative solutions in other chemical engineering branches came into the picture.  All innovative solutions are eventually adapted and applied based on the needs of the end user.

Together we can do:

  • Extensive technological research of sustainable tap and waste water treatment and purification procedures using pilot plants.
  • Development of conceptual and technological sustainable water purification systems based on the conducted analytical research.
  • Research and development of new analytical methods, technological processes and complex measuring and analytic devices or sensors.
  • Automation, development, and production of specific (non-standard) equipment in process industry, science, and research.
  • Equipment and measuring sensor specification, installation, and wiring.
  • Equipment installation and wiring, and electrical cabinets design and application.
  • Development and construction of laboratory research units and units in chemical engineering and beyond.

Some examples of applied technology:

1) Photobioreactor System

Four (4) automated photobioreactors for optimal cultivation of specific microalgae used to produce biodiesel from waste water.

2) Tap Water Treatment Plant A

Tap water treatment plant design, automation, testing and start-up.

3) Tap Water Treatment Plant B

Tap water treatment plant reconstruction due to presence of iron, manganese, and      arsenic components high concentrations.

4) Diesel Fuel Foam Testing System

Design and automation of Diesel Fuel Foam Testing System

5) Combustible Gas Mixer

Design and automation of combustible gas mixer for 8 flammable gasses used for industrial equipment testing in the explosive conditions.

6) Filter plant for iron removal

Design and automation of filter plant for iron and suspended particles removal from water used for cleaning purposes.

7) Chemical reactor for soap production adapted to blind and partially sighted people

Design and automation of reactor for soap production adapted to blind and partially sighted people based on specific ISO norms.