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Installation Instructions for PiOPCMaster version 1.0.

Please click link below to download PiOPCMaster installation file:

www.picontrolsolutions.com/Install/PiOPCMaster1.0.0.0_SETUP.ZIP   (File Size: 58 MB)

Please unzip above file and extract fie PiOPCMaster1.0.0.0_SETUP.EXE .

Please run PiOPCMaster1.0.0.0_SETUP.EXE file to install PiOPCMaster.


1. If using Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or Vista, please Right-click “PiOPCMaster1.0.0.0_SETUP.EXE ” and select “Run as administrator” to install PiProMaster.

2. After installation, in Windows, go to Program Group PiOPCMaster, rightclick icon PiOPCMaster and select select “Run as administrator” to start the module.

Program will show an Authorization page with some instructions.  Click Copy Key to copy number into Clipboard, then paste into email body and then email to [email protected] and PiControl will send you the authorization code for program activation.

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PiControl Solutions LLCis the world’s leader in OPC implementation to allow real-time data communications between DCS, PLC and Windows Server type host computers.

OPC (OLE for Process Control) is the most modern, increasingly popular protocol for industrial real-time data communications. OPC allows various third-party devices, programs.

DCS/PLC to talk to each other seamlessly and conveniently.

PiControl Solutions LLC has developed various OPC products to server the manufacturing plants and chemical plants. PiControl provides complete grass-roots design of a new real-time data communications system, OPC Implementation, integration and commissioning. PiControl not only has OPC services expertise but also provides various powerful OPC software products to perform all OPC related tasks and services needed in the industrial environment.