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CHE600C: Industrial Process Control – OPC Communication Protocol

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Duration: Self-Paced Training Software
Audience: Process Control Engineers, DCS/ PLC Technicians, Operators, Process Engineers, Contact Engineers, Supervisors, Managers, Project Engineers
Prerequisites: None
Course Material: CBT (computer-based training) software

Course Description and Objectives: 
Process control courses in universities rarely focus on communication protocols which are essential to the modern process control resulting with young engineers lack the adequate knowledge for the industrial control room environment. This course is a comprehensive OPC training module designed specifically for the control room engineers and technicians desiring fast and relevant practical knowledge on OPC. Course covers both OPC theory and practical using hands-on lab sessions using real industrial grade OPC software, teaches theory and monitors knowledge development using numerous interactive review tests that are graded online automatically. Students will install real industrial grade OPC server software and OPC client software on their own computer and witness real-time OPC. The CBT trains many years of practical experience and compacts into just a few hours of time and effort. Gather enviable practical experience in a remarkably short time.

Learning Outcomes

CHE600C is a new and modern CBT (computer-based training), self-paced training software tailored for the needs and demands of busy industrial personnel, academic/college staff and students. This course cuts out academic and complex math and needless details not required in the practical industrial control room environment. It starts with comprehensive theory chapters, followed by over 150 review tests, and then ends with hands-on lab and practical using real industrial grade software consisting of OPC server and OPC client. Students will install the software on their own computer, configure the OPC server and OPC client as if they were in a real plant and then witness actual real-time data communications in front of their eyes on their own computer. After getting 75% and over test questions correct, students can print a professional looking course completion certificate. There is no other course that has such a fine blend of theory, tests and hands-on labs. You will be amazed and impressed by this course and the knowledge will be relevant to your job in any modern plant. Topics covered include OPC fundamentals, OPC servers, OPC DA, OPC HDA, OPC A&E, OPC UA, OPC communications, COM and DCOM, DCOM troubleshooting, OPC explorer, OPC simulation server, connecting OPC servers, OPC foundation, OPC standards, OPC redundancy and many more OPC related topics.

Course Chapters:

OPC Communication Protocol

  • Industrial Process Control Network
  • What is OPC?
  • OPC Foundation & Standards
  • OPC Solves Compatibility
  • Benefits due to OPC
  • OPC Specifications
  • OPC Server and Client
  • COM and DCOM
  • OPC DA Server (Data Access)
  • OPC HDA Server (Historical Data Access)
  • OPC A&E Server (Alarm & Events)
  • OPC with Multiple Servers
  • OPC Software Setup
  • Types of OPC Servers
  • OPC Communications
  • Computer Management
  • OPC Component Services
  • OPC Explorers
  • OPC Simulation Servers
  • Connect to a Live OPC Server
  • OPC Redundancy
  • OPC UA (Unified Architecture)
  • Lab Sessions