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PLC480: SIEMENS Tia Portal Training Course

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Classroom training course: 3 Days (6 hours per day)
Online / Remote training course: 3 Days (6 hours per day)


Process control engineers, Advanced process control engineers, Instrument engineers and DCS / PLC technicians.

Training course description:

This process control training course is designed to cover all basis and advanced functions of SIEMENS PLC design and programming, such as S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300 and S7-400. Students need to have some PLC programming experience as covered in the training course PLC475: PLC Hardware, Programming and Design. All basic and advanced functions necessary to create a complete PLC control logic using function blocks and/or ladder logic will be explained and demonstrated.

Using the Siemens Tia Portal engineering software, the students will learn how to define and specify appropriate PLC and visualization system (HMI or SCADA) inside of Tia Portal.  They will learn how to build tags, design PID and cascade control loops, build and test advanced process control loops and logic, create bumpless transfer and safety logic and many other process control functionalities already embedded inside the Tia Portal.

Also, the students will learn how to build graphics, alarms, trends and logs inside of HMI or SCADA visualization systems.  How to connect one or more PLCs with one or multiple HMI or SCADA systems using ProfiBus or ProfiNet communication protocols, and many other powerful visualization features.  All designed functionalities inside the PLC or HMI / SCADA systems will be simulated using PLCIM (PLC simulator) and HMI / SCADA Runtime emulators.

The goal of this process control training course is to teach and show how to build all process control logic inside of Tia Portal necessary to make a SIEMENS PLC do what is required in any industrial environment. Moreover, this process control training course will give you knowledge and experience to build HMI and /or SCADA visualization systems inside of Tia Portal.

The good prerequisite for this model predictive control training course is:

Learning Outcomes

Students get a chance to learn how to:

  • Define and configure any SIEMENS PLC system and basic and advanced process control logic inside of Tia Portal.
  • Specify and tune any PID controller and / or complex control logic using bumpless transfer safety and activation sequence.
  • Define and configure SIEMENS HMI and SCADA system, such as: tags, alarms, graphics, trends, logs and other dynamic complex logic and animations, all inside of Tia Portal.

Training course program:


  • Introduction to Tia Portal
  • Which PLC / HMI to use
  • How to configure PLC
  • How to configure HMI or SCADA
  • ProfiBus and ProfiNet communication protocols
  • Configure digital input / output modules and signals
  • Configure analog input / output modules and signals
  • Design various digital (Boolean) sequence and logic
  • Design timers, counters and various math logic


  • PID controller details
  • Design PID controller
  • Tune PID controller
  • Design a cascade PID controllers
  • Tune cascade PID controllers
  • Configure PV and OP tracking for bumpless transfer
  • Design process warnings, limits and alarms


  • Configure HMI or SCADA system
  • Design process and popup screens
  • Configure process historian
  • Configure process trends
  • Configure process alarms and warnings
  • Logging and approvals
  • Design dynamic blocks and animations
  • Design recipe logic and scripts
Course Description