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APROMON – Advanced CLPM Monitoring Software

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APROMON, an advanced CLPM monitoring software, monitors all PID loops in any manufacturing plant with a DCS or PLC. APROMON is compact, simple yet powerful. It can monitor 10-5000 PID loops using direct OPC connection to any OPC server or it can even use Excel.

No one can monitor all PID loops daily in a plant. PID control loops can deteriorate over time due to equipment aging, changes in process and operating conditions. PID control loops can start oscillating or control poorly. APROMON generates daily reports showing all bad PID control loops needing re-tuning and all control valves needing maintenance or replacement. APROMON can also generate online alerts in real-time identifying and alerting loops that are showing impending problems.

APROMON generates a grade of 0-100 for every PID in the DCS or PLC based on 25 control quality and statistical criteria. Unlike competitor tools, APROMON installation takes only half a day and user manual is only 75 pages. Click here to learn more. If you have any further questions, contact us online or give us a call at 832-495-6436.

APROMON – Advanced CLPM Monitoring Software

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