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Automated Process Control Performance and KPI Reporting System

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PiControl Solutions LLC has successfully created automated process control performance and KPI reporting system for Canadian Natural Resources (CNRL). High level management, process engineers and process control engineers, instrumentation and operator technicians are continuously reported on control loop performance, as a part of fully revolutionary primary and advanced process control (APC) performance monitoring and diagnostics technology platform, APROMON. 

Plants can have from 20 up to 5000 PID or even APC (Advanced Process Control) loops.  Process and unit dynamics can frequently change.  PID/APC (Advanced Process Control) control quality tends to deteriorate over time.  Measuring instruments/sensors can fail and control valves (or other final control elements) can stick or have other mechanical problems which could cause plant issues.  PID and APC (Advanced Process Control) systems need to be monitored continuously and control room staff cannot watch all PID/APC (Advanced Process Control) loops daily.  Therefore, these automatic reports give insight on a daily or weekly basis to plant personnel on primary and APC (Advanced Process Control) loops, measuring sensors and final control elements (control valves in 90% of applications).

Behavior of these process control elements is explained with performance status, grade, diagnostic message and prediction of possible improvement ideas and solutions.  Automated reporting solutions are very simple and utilize a colorful and priority oriented approach. Thus, allowing plant engineers and technicians to quickly focus on the PID/APC (Advanced Process Control) loops needing the most attention (identified as the worst control loops where control performance deteriorated the most).

At the chosen time and date or even on the event trigger, reports will be generated and sent via business network to the specified plant and maintenance recipients.  Detailed or management reports can be generated and delivered easily to a company’s e-mail account.  

PID/APC (Advanced Process Control) loop performance monitoring and diagnostics remains untapped potential for improvement of the plant’s functionality and profitability.  Developed automated reporting methodology significantly helps to quickly focus on the control problems and fast restoration of control quality, overall giving proactive versus reactive maintenance.  Consequently, applying these approaches and solutions will lead to plant working longer at optimal conditions resulting with better process safety and higher profitability.

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