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EMERSON USA Division For Electric Power Generation In Talks With PiControl Solutions For Process Control Software Alliance

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PiControl Solutions LLC is in talks with EMERSON USA for possible alliance on process control, PID control loop tuning and advanced process control (APC) and PID control loop monitoring software and technology. The following areas are being explored:

  • Multivariable closed-loop model identification technique without the need to perform open or even closed-loop step tests.
  • Model identification technique of a processes having open or even closed-loop oscillatory behavior.
  • Reliable and practical online and off-line identification techniques for control valve issues (such as hysteresis, stiction, deadband).
  • On-line PID control loop diagnostics and completely automatic auto-tuning techniques operable without the need for performing any kind of open or closed-loop step tests and without any human intervention.

New plants have more sensors than before, they are more interactive and more complex to operate and they often operate closer to constraints. Emerson is interested in PiControl software and technology because all PiControl software for PID control loop tuning, system identification, closed loop transfer function identification, PID control loop quality monitoring works entirely in the time domain. PiControl software does not need to work in the Laplace domain, Z domain, discrete domain, nor does it use frequency domain, bode plots, ARMAX (auto regressive moving average with exogeneous inputs). PiControl software does not use Box Jenkins method, nor does it use partial least squares for model fitting. PiControl closed-loop system identification technology does not need step tests at all and can work even on slave PID control loops in automatic or cascade modes. These are all factors that make PiControl software and technology unique and different from other known competitor tools and algorithms.

Improved plant control is critically important today in the global environment. Studies show that around 55 % of manufacturing companies expect to increase their automation investment over the next 3 years as a direct result of COVID-19. Around 65 % of companies stated that they expect to reach automated operations in their primary level by 2030. The remaining 35 % companies said that currently they have plans to increase the level of automation in their operation but they cannot predict hard deadlines.

In the highly industrialized countries, process and plant high level of automation helps to maximize production rates, enhance product qualities, efficiently produce the whole range of product slates, improve process safety and plant availability, efficiently utilize resources and lower the emissions.

Contact PiControl Solutions LLC today – www.picontrolsolutions.com for more information on how to run your factory better, improve control and automation, maximize production rates and improve product quality control.

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