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What Makes Our PID Tuning Software So Impressive?

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PITOPS PID tuning, APC design, and system identification software use the latest technology along with modern and powerful tools in professional control rooms and colleges. PITOPS has the following functions that distinguish and separate it from the competition:

  • Works entirely in the simpler time domain (no need for laplace and Z-domain knowledge)
  • Works with super-fast dynamics like compressors and turbines in milliseconds
  • Works with super-slow PID loops like Online Analyzer Controllers scanning in minutes and with very slow settling times of over 5 hours
  • Works with highly oscillatory data in closed-loop auto/cascade modes
  • Identifies transfer functions even if data has large noise and unmeasured disturbances
  • Identifies control valve stiction
  • Includes stiction during PID tuning optimization
  • Works on MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) systems, multiple cascades, and multiple masters going to a selector and fan-out PID systems
  • Requires far less data (1/5th or less) compared to competitor products
  • Can be used on nonlinear processes for gain scheduling/adaptive control
  • Includes PID output rate of change as an explicit constraint during PID optimization, a unique function unmatched by competitors
  • Supports gap action and deadband on PID simulation and optimization
  • Optimizes tuning based on SP change + Disturbances + Noise as exactly seen and encountered in DCS/PLC – unmatched by the competition
  • Takes 5 minutes to install, 2 hours to learn (user manual is less than 60 pages!)
  • Allows changing transfer function & PID tuning parameters to simulate what-if cases.

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