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PID Tuning Training Software And Courses

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PiControl Solutions LLC is a worldwide leader in providing process control training on PID tuning, primary control, and advanced process control. We provide DCS and PLC training too including cybersecurity and OPC. Our PID tuning training software and courses are a staple for any successful business.

Most popular and famous courses worldwide are the PID100 and APC200. These are excellent modern video-based training using Vimeo in a lifelike animated slide format – looks and feels of a real-live online session. But since it is a video-based, you can view portions and sections anytime when you are free with no start time and end time restrictions compared to a course that is scheduled at specific times. These videos are available during the week of the training only but you do a get a 400+ page training manual.

You get a course completion certificate after completing the course. You will also install the following powerful software products on your own computers to use even after the course is over:

  • SIMCET – real-time PID tuning training simulator
  • PITOPS – system identification, PID tuning optimization, and APC design
  • PITOPS TFI – system identification software

Both the software products are modern, novel and superior to Matlab (and other competitors) with newer technology. For course syllabus, download the following:

For more information, contact us online or give us a call at 832-495-6436.

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    1. The training course cost is US$385 and includes SIMCET PID tuning training simulator and PITOPS for system identification, PID tuning optimization and APC design. You also get a course completion certificate.