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Reduce Carbon Dioxide CO2 emissions, Run Plants Efficiently, Increase Production Rates and Maximize Profits with Power New Advanced Process Control (APC) in DCS or PLC 

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Reduce Carbon Dioxide CO2 emissions, Run Plants Efficiently, Increase Production Rates and Maximize Profits with Power New Advanced Process Control (APC) in DCS or PLC 
Reduce Carbon Dioxide CO2 emissions, Run Plants Efficiently, Increase Production Rates and Maximize Profits with Power New Advanced Process Control (APC) in DCS or PLC 

PiControl Solutions LLC is an industrial leader on closed-loop systems identification, transfer function dynamic modeling, PID tuning optimization, PID control quality performance monitoring and industrial practical process control training.   

Contact us for technology using process control on how to reduce your emissions and contribute to the global efforts on reducing carbon dioxide emissions worldwide.  There are numerous opportunities in all factories, chemical plants and any manufacturing facilities including automotive industry and electric cars.   

Let us take the example of a distillation column in a chemical plant.  Many distillation columns are unnecessarily over refluxed and over-reboiled due to lack of good process control, automation and APC (advanced process control).  Over refluxing and over-reboiling makes the distillation column run inefficiently.  This produces chemical products that are of unnecessarily high purity and this is at the expense of extra steam and also consumption of extra cooling water.  

Many furnaces in olefins plants, ammonia plants, methanol plants, reformers, distillation column reboilers, LNG plants burn excessive fuel and use more steam than what is really necessary.  In most cases a 3-5% reduction in fuel usage, steam used and heat loss through the flue gas is easily possible using APC (Advanced Process Control).  PiControl’s PITOPS software is an amazing new technology offering complete closed-loop data analysis without the need for old-fashioned open loop step tests.  PITOPS builds open-loop transfer function models in any of the five common transfer function formats – zero order (ramp model or integrating transfer function), first order process, first order with time delay (dead time), second order S shaped transfer function models, second order wavy models and even open-loop unstable transfer function models that are commonly encountered in polymer processes where the chemical reaction has the exponential Arrhenius equation.  PITOPS companion product APROMON uses OPC-DA and OPC-UA technology and monitors 10s or 1000s of PID control loops, APC schemes and even MPC – model predictive control applications.  APROMON generates daily reports telling clearly which PID control loops are oscillating, have high error, shows onstream factor, control valve problems like valve stiction, control valve hysteresis, high signal PV noise needing more PV filtering, performance of DCS-APC or PLC-APC schemes using override constraint selector schemes, cascade PID loops, feedforward control schemes using feedforward gain, feedforward lag and feedforward lead and also model based control schemes.  APROMON is the only control loop performance monitoring software available that can monitor all three types of control schemes in a unified and integrated manner – PID control loops, DCS resident APC advanced process control or PLC resident APC advanced process control and MPC model predictive control applications.  Such daily reports are excellent for the control room supervisor morning meetings and helps to prepare work list and work priorities – which control valves to inspect and repair, which PID control loops to retune after some PV, SP and OP data analysis, which APC schemes to tweak and which models to improve in MPC systems.   

Many polymer processes – polyethylene, polypropylene and elastomers have nonlinear process dynamics.  Using PiControl technology, such inherent nonlinearity can be linearized using proprietary proven methods.  Coupled with the ability to identify open loop transfer function models with even closed-loop data, it is possible to build robust, powerful and effective advanced process control APC schemes inside an existing DCS (distributed control system) or even a PLC (programmable logic controller).  PiControl APC advanced process control technology has been tested, deployed and implemented in Honeywell TDC3000 DCS, Honeywell Experion DCS, Schneider Foxboro IA DCS, Yokogawa Centum DCS, ABB DCS, ABB OCS, Emerson DeltaV DCS and also in PLCs by Siemens and Allen Bradley Rockwell Automation.   

Another example where you can improve your plant operation, save money, maximize profits is in the refinery gasoline business.  Selling gasoline which is supposed to be 87 octane number at a higher 87.5 octane number happens when process control in the refinery is primitive or not optimal.  This is also a waste because you are unnecessarily producing higher quality of gasoline when the specs are lower.  Selling something at a lower value than what is worth is a lost of chemical plant or oil refinery profits.  Given how big these facilities are, a 0.1% saving can be worth millions of dollars or euros.  

Similarly, even common things like dog food or any pet food are supposed to have a guaranteed amount of protein.  But, if process control in pet food manufacturing is poor or non-existent, then there will be variations in the quality of the dog food.  In order to satisfy the government random inspections pet food companies sometimes produce food that has more expensive ingredients that is otherwise really necessary.  While this give-away is good for the dogs and pets, this is not going to have an impact on the carbon footprint but it does have an impact on the profitability of the pet food company as now the ingredients used to make the pet food are more expensive.  

These are only a few examples of the potential out there in terms of making savings for your company, maximizing plant profits and contributing to a cleaner environment and reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving the carbon footprint.  

Using process control schemes in any DCS distributed control system or PLC programmable logic controller it is possible to use a combination of cascade control, model based control, use of rigorous models and also neural networks, and model predictive control, constraint control using override selectors, inferential control, it is possible to cost effectively implement powerful process control solutions to improve profitability and also help the overall global efforts in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.  

Contact us today at [email protected] to see how we can help you come up with powerful process control solutions without buying expensive hardware and software.  We can show you how to implement amazing powerful inexpensive Solutions all inside your existing DCS distributed control system or PLC programmable logic controllers.  PiControl Solutions is an international company with novel and new technology for close loop system identification, closed loop transfer function model identification, closed loop oscillation detection, PID tuning optimization, improvement of process control using PID control loops and APC schemes.  PiControl Solutions is a major international training company specializing in the training of students and engineers particularly people enrolled and practicing chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering and other engineering disciplines on how to safely design and implement process control schemes in any DCS or PLC.  PiControl has the technology, software products, experience, knowledge and skills to help you achieve your goals in increasing your plant production rates, increasing profit margins, reducing emissions, reducing waste, reducing flaring from flue stacks, improving and automating the production and operation of your plant and also helping your operators to run the plant more easily with less stress and avoiding mistakes that could lead to shutdowns and or operating problems.  

Contact PiControl Solutions today, we look forward to helping you in implementing a world-class solution at an amazingly attractive cost.  Our website is www.picontrolsolutions.com.

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