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Short Educational Video on Transfer Function Identification: Software identification of Zero-Order Transfer Function Parameters

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Welcome to the new video from PiControl Solutions on practical industrial system identification and process control as we continue with a series of short, practical, and useful educational videos.

In this video we elaborate how to easily identify zero-order transfer function parameters using system identification software. Zero-order (integrating) processes occur in approximately 15% of industrial cases. These processes are impacted with large noise and unmeasured disturbances therefore, it’s not expected to be easily visually identified. We will show you how system identification of zero-order transfer function parameters can be easily and accurately done, by usage of PITOPS software. SIMCET software is used for realistic process simulation and data generation.

PiControl multivariable closed-loop system identification software called PITOPS can easily identify zero (integrating), first-order, and second-order transfer function parameters using historical plant data. It is also the only software product that performs truly closed-loop system identification with the secondary (cascade/slave) PID controllers while they are kept in Cascade (Remote) mode. No other competitor tool can do successful transfer function identification using data with PID controllers in Cascade modes. For more info on PITOPS please visit: https://www.picontrolsolutions.com/products/pitops/

PiControl real-time process control simulation software for training and education called SIMCET can simulate the real-time behavior of all transfer function models, even when they are impacted by large noise and continuous disturbances. For more info on SIMCET please visit: https://www.picontrolsolutions.com/products/simcet/

For more info, visit: https://www.picontrolsolutions.com/

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