PID tuning software, system identification, APC, advanced process control

Multivariable Closed Loop Transfer Function System Identification and PID Tuning Software

PITOPS PID Tuning software from PiControl Solutions LLC is the only software tool in the world capable of the following functions:

  1. Identify multiple open loop transfer functions with completely closed loop data with controllers not only in auto mode but even cascade mode.
  2. Works entirely in the time domain and avoids the more complex and abstract Laplace domain and Discrete (Z) domain.
  3. Identifies unmeasured disturbances automatically and isolates them calling them residuals while identifying the correct open loop transfer function.
  4. Does not require any of the “pre” steps like data conditioning, data whitening, data normalization or filtering.  Just uses raw data with no need for pre-conditioning.
  5. Not only can be used for any number of cascade PID loops (no limit) but on top of this can handle multivariable (multiple) inputs.
  6. User manual is just a few pages, not long nor complex.
  7. PITOPS can be used by technicians, engineers and operators alike without need for advanced education nor advanced degrees.
  8. And it is super compact, super easy to install and start using in just a few minutes.
  9. And lastly – it is very affordably priced!

Contact Info@PiControlSolutions.Com for a free fully function software for PID tuning, system identification (transfer function identification), APC (advanced process control) design and for process control training.  Also great for PID tuning training.  Visit www.PiControlSolutions.Com today.

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