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Process Control Training

Process Control Training – PID, APC, MPC, OPC and other industrial process control topics (Includes PID Tuning Training, Primary Process Control, Advanced Process Control-APC and design of control schemes inside DCS or PLC)

Process control training and PID controller ​tuning ​training are ​difficult on the job in the control room environment due to chance of mistakes that can cause plant upsets and process oscillations. There are risks involved – a single mistake can lead to a much dreaded system shutdown or major upsets.

PiControl training is unique in that students install software on their own computers and convert the computers into a DCS/PLC look-alike PID controller, system identifier and a complete Advanced Process Control (APC) suite, capable of mimicking tags just like in the real DCS or PLC.

Experienced, live PiControl instructors teach in online courses or also in classroom/onsite courses.

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Instead of worrying about mistakes and shutdowns in a real plant control room, you can learn and gain confidence by working on a process control simulator installed on your own computer. You always have an experienced instructor next to you or in front of an online meeting to talk to and get immediate help.

All process control training is completely in the easy to understand time domain, it is very practical, hands on and avoids the complex math and jargon taught in colleges, universities, vendors and other training companies. PiControl training does not use the complex Matlab approach, PiControl algorithms are newer, easier and more practical making the training very focused, effective and tailored to the control room environment.

What normally takes 3-5 years to learn can be mastered in just a few days. Our training material, software and methodology are very modern, simple, practical, hands-on compared to any competitor.

PiControl training covers the following: primary process control, PID tuning, advanced process control (APC), OPC (OLE for process control), plant safety and security, system identification, model predictive control (MPC), model-based control (MBC), constraint control, override control, adaptive control, inferential control, feedforward control, fuzzy logic control, sequential control and batch control. Additional training topics can be added and customized for specific customer requests and needs.