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CHE300C: Thermodynamics - Gases, Vapors and Liquid

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Duration: Self-Paced Training Software
Audience: Control Room Operators, Process Engineers, Technicians, Application Engineers, Instrument Engineers and Supervisors
Prerequisites: None
Course Material: CBT (computer-based training) software

Course Description: 
This course is an excellent refresher for process engineers, control engineers and managers – those who took college classes but now need a refresher to review and remember important concepts. This course is also an excellent introduction and knowledge-booster for operators and technicians who want to learn more about the academic theory and principles of practical industrial thermodynamics.

Learning Outcomes

Master the concepts on thermodynamics. Use the knowledge to perform calculations and interact more intelligently during design and troubleshooting meetings at the plant. The knowledge and skills will be of immediate value and use on the job in the control room or a design office.

Course Chapters:

Pure Components
PVT Relations
Ideal Gases
Real Gases
Vapor Pressure
Ideal Gases
Real Gases
Ideal Solutions
Phase Rule
t / P-x-y Diagrams
Raoult’s& Henry’s Laws
Humidity and Saturation
Air + Water System
Air + Solvent System