Troubleshoot MPC models and improve MPC performance using new technology not needing step tests

You and your team worked hard for six months, completed an MPC project successfully.  A few months later, many CVs (controlled variables) are oscillatory and looks like below:

You do not have the time and resources to find out what is the cause of the oscillations.  You can auto-step tests (auto-step program) from Aspen DMC3 Calibrate or similar from Honeywell RMPCT, Emerson Predict Pro, Yokogawa Shell PACE or SMOC but finding the real problem is difficult to troubleshoot. 

PiControl MPC consulting services and closed-loop data analysis software is a comprehensive software and solutions approach and covers the following: 1.Identify bad models using closed-loop data without intrusive step tests. 2.Technology and algorithm superior to DMC3 Calibrate and other auto-step software. 3.Check and improve base-level PID tags and also move necessary tags from MPC to DCS-based APC. 4.Check and improve MPC, DCS-APC and PID.  Conduct training for process control engineers and console operators.

PiControl has closed-loop technology to identify the bad models and then to improve the model shapes.  PiControl provides consulting services to help improve the MPC from any vendor – Aspen, Honeywell, Emerson, Yokogawa, Foxboro, all commercial MPCs can be improved.

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