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Al-based fully automatic PID auto tuning software

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PiControl Solution LLC’s SuperTune software is the most advanced AI-based PID tuning software (artificial intelligence based PID tuning software) in the world.  SuperTune possesses fully AI based functionality unmatched by any other AI based PID tuning software product in the world.

Al-based fully automatic PID auto tuning software
Al-based fully automatic PID auto tuning software

Other PID auto-tuning software manufacturing companies tend to be cautious about application of completely automatic auto PID tuning in chemical plants.  This is because many chemical processes can be highly interactive, nonlinear and complex,  they process dangerous chemicals, often inflammable, explosive or toxic.  Most chemical plant management are reluctant to try completely automatic PID auto tuning software as they are afraid if something were to go wrong, then consequences would be dire.  Because of these reasons, the use of completely automatic auto tuning software for PID control loops is rare in today's industrial environment. 

Our SuperTune is a unique product that allows completely automatic auto tuning for PID control loops. 

It is completely automatic, it runs 24/7/365, it does not need any human intervention, it can work reliably safely continuously day in and day out.  If a PID control loop becomes unstable or oscillatory, then SuperTune auto-tuning algorithm will kill oscillations and instability immediately.  If there are some setpoints changes or output changes, then SuperTune PID automatic auto-tuner will capture that information and use it for estimating new and improved parameters.  If there is no process excitation, meaning no setpoint changes or output changes, then this is also OK, SuperTune does not need and does not depend on any changes to setpoint or output.  SuperTune provides automatic auto tuning and unlike other products, SuperTune does not need any step tests at all.  In fact, SuperTune can work on any process without any step tests ever.

SuperTune automatically learns and improves the PID tuning and all the captured changes in PID tuning parameters are automatically saved internally.  

Most other auto tuning software needs the tuner (engineer, technician or operator) to stand in front of the PID auto-tuning software screen and then making some step changes and then running the auto tuning calculations and finally downloading the setpoints.  Then, after the new optimized PID tuning parameters are downloaded into the DCS/PLC or any control system, then the user (tuner) turns off the auto-tuner software and leaves for the day, as the “PID auto tuning” is complete.  

This above methodology in other PID auto-tuners is inherently weak and inferior because there could be oscillations later (after completion of the attended auto-tuning) because of changes in process dynamics and non-linearities.  Process dynamics can change due to changes in operating and process conditions.  

Another unique functionality of SuperTune is that it can be used on fast processes like compressor control and turbine control with settling times of the order of milliseconds, it can be used on processes with settling times of the order of a few minutes to an hour and it can also be used on very slow processes with settling times of the order of several hours.  SuperTune can successfully monitor and autotune PID control loops automatically even when the process dead-time is 30-60 minutes and time constants of several hours.  SuperTune can also work with ramp type, zero order transfer functions (integrating transfer functions) and also with pseudo-ramps. 

SuperTune addresses this challenge effectively and conveniently because it is running continuously all the time and it does not need to be ever turned off and it does not need to be monitored or attended by any human being.  It works by itself continuously 24/7/365 with no one watching it.  Super tune is artificial intelligence based, (AI based), it runs continuously all the time and can simultaneously monitor 100s of PID control loop.  It will safely kill oscillations and unstable loops.  It will reliably make the controller aggressive and stronger when there is weak control action.  If there are oscillations or weak control after any changes, then SuperTune immediately addresses these problems and optimizes the controller tuning immediately.  Fully automatic auto tuning for PID control loops is considered a big challenge today.  PiControl’s SuperTune software exceeds all specifications and expectations and offers new features and functionality not available in any competitor software in the world.

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For a guided demo of SuperTune automatic PID auto-tuning software.  PiControl Solutions LLC is a world leader in providing PID monitoring software (control loop performance monitoring- CLPM software), PID tuning optimization software, closed-loop transfer function identification (closed-loop dynamic model identification), multivariable system identification (multivariable transfer function identification), design of Advanced Process Control systems (APC systems), improving MPC models (model predictive control models) using closed-loop data with MPC active, process control design, commissioning, startup; PiControl is also a worldwide industry leader on providing classroom and video based process control training for both company employees and university students studying process control.  www.picontrolsolutions.com, [email protected].

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