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Best PID Tuning Optimization, APC And MPC Software Using Novel, New Technology

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CNRL continues to use PiControl’s PITOPS PID tuning software for entire plant-wide application. PITOPS PID tuning software is integrated with APC design (advanced process control design) and MPC implementation techniques (model predictive control).

The model improvement functionality uses the new and improved GRG optimization technique (generalized reduced gradient method of optimization) that proves to be superior to ARMAX method (Auto Regressive Moving Average Models with Exogenous Inputs).  ARMAX Box Jenkins methods are commonly used by all other competitors including Honeywell, Aspen, Emerson, Yokogawa, Matlab Mathworks – all process control design, DCS vendors and PLC vendors.  

APC And MPC Software Using Novel, New Technology 2

With PITOPS closed loop system identification (closed loop transfer function identification), the slave PID controllers can be not only in auto mode but even in Cascade mode and it is possible to identify open loop transfer function models using completely closed loop data using closed loop system identification techniques which are proprietary and only available from PiControl Solutions. 

The ability to identify open loop transfer function models using closed loop model identification algorithms using completely closed loop data with PID control loops in Auto or even Cascade mode and with APC schemes active or MPC model predictive controller on and active is a unique and novel offering from PiControl Solutions, state of the art technology.  Such functionality is helpful not only for PID tuning optimization for making PID tuning improvements but also to improve APC performance by optimizing APC parameters like feedforward parameters including feedforward lead, lag, feedforward gain and feedforward dead time (delay time).

APC And MPC Software Using Novel, New Technology 3
APC And MPC Software Using Novel, New Technology 5
APC And MPC Software Using Novel, New Technology 4

Also, such functionality is useful for designing mathematically constraint override selectors and also model based and inferential control schemes.  Another important benefit is that all these schemes can be deployed inside the plants existing DCS or PLC without the need for new hardware and software.  This way you can avoid expensive upgrades patches, hardware refresh and constant frenzy of Windows updates that keeps systems engineers constantly busy and overwhelmed.  The benefits of such technology can produce easily 4% to 5% increase in plant profits as has been proven at many of PiControl customers.  

APC And MPC Software Using Novel, New Technology 1

PITOPS is not only an amazing industrial process control software tool for use in the industrial control room environment but the same software can be using for process control training for process control engineers, process engineers, DCS and PLC technicians and also for process control semester classes at colleges and universities.

Contact PiControl Solutions today at [email protected] and visit the website www.picontrolsolutions.com.  Ask PiControl process control engineers for more information on PID tuning optimization, PID tuning software, PID tuning training software, APC – advanced process control, MPC – model predictive control, model-based control, inferential control, adaptive control, feedforward control and constrained override control.

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