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DCS-based APC (advanced process control) beats MPC (model predictive control)

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PiControl Solutions LLC just successfully completed a DCS-based APC (advanced process control) at South Hampton Resources chemical plant in Silsbee, Texas.  PiControl's PITOPS software for multivariable closed-loop system identification was used to identify the transfer function dynamic models for the process.  The installed APC has all the functions of an MPC - model predictive control but has many advantages over MPC.  All user interface for the operators is entirely on existing DCS screens, there is no new server, no level 3 OPC, no need for OPC-DA or OPC-UA.  All APC-related software runs inside the existing DCS server.  The DCS-based APC was completed in a month.  Compare this to 3 months to 2 years for MPC control systems designed by Aspen DMC, Honeywell RMPCT, Emerson Predict Pro, and Shell Yokogawa SMOC and PACE.  PiControl PITOPS software is the only software in the world that identifies open loop transfer function, dynamic models, with complete closed-loop process data without steps tests, without PRBS.  Data needed by PiControl for dynamic model identification is less than one-fifth of that needed by commercial MPCs.  More than 80% of all processes can be easily installed with PiControl APC inside a DCS or using PiControl hardware and software using a TCP/IP Modbus link.  The cost of PiControl APC or MPC is less than one-third compared to other MPC and DCS vendors.  PITOPS can be used not only for dynamic transfer function model identification but also for PID control loop tuning, Cascade PID loop tuning, calculating feedforward transfer function parameters like lead, lag, dead time, and feedforward gain.  Visit www.PiControlSolutions.Com and send an email to [email protected] for more information. 

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