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DCS-Based APC- Advanced Process Control

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Distributed Control Systems (DCS) are almost in every plant now. In smaller plants there are Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). With mounting pressures due to global competition and increasing importance of running plants and factories more efficiently, companies are looking for ideas and recommendations. APC – advanced process control can give 2-10% increase in production rates or profit margins. A lot of APC can be done effectively and well inside an existing DCS or even a PLC. Many though do not use this attractive functionality available in any DCS or PLC. This is because do implement APC, the ability to identify dynamic models (transfer functions) is required. Colleges teach the complex and not so practical Laplace domain (S domain) theory, or frequency domain analysis or discrete domain (Z domain) theory – none of which help practical implementation of advanced process control in the practical control room environment. PiControl technology is new, revolutionary and breakthrough and surpasses and beats Matlab from Mathworks, Honeywell, Emerson or any control company. PiControl has developed amazing new technology and algorithms that work entirely in the time domain. PiControl process control, PID tuning, control loop monitoring, closed-loop system identification (transfer function identification) software can handle MIMO (multiple input multiple output) systems and can even use complete closed-loop data without any step tests (bump tests) with slave PID control loops in automatic or even cascade modes. Other technologies mostly require manual step tests, some setpoint changes in automatic mode but no one can process data in complete cascade mode with no step tests at all. The ability to create dynamic models using PiControl technology provides the capability to design, develop and implement APC all inside an existing DCS or PLC. Such design does not require external software and hardware, thus eliminating cyber security problems and vulnerabilities. The end design is robust, cheaper, better requiring less maintenance in the long term and producing superior results helping plants, factories and manufacturing sites to maximize their profits and key performance indicators. Visit PiControl Solutions LLC today – https://www.picontrolsolutions.com, email: [email protected]

DCS-Based APC- Advanced Process Control
Industrial Process Control – Amazing Future and Opportunities
DCS-Based APC- Advanced Process Control_1
DCS or PLC in the modern control room in a chemical plant

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