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Eliminate PID Control Loop Interactions By New PID Tuning Method

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Eliminate PID Control Loop Interactions By New PID Tuning Method

Two or more PID loops interacting and “fighting” can be a menacing and challenging problem. Many control engineers have struggled unsuccessfully because of PID loop interactions. PITOPS PID tuning optimization and closed-loop system identification software from PiControl Solutions provides a novel and amazing new method for optimally tuning any number (not just two) of interacting PID control loops, allowing you to effectively eliminate PID control loop interactions.

PITOPS will help you to reduce oscillations, achieve tight and stable control and will help you maximize your profits by improving the performance of MPC (DMC, RMPCT) or DCS-resident traditional APC. PiControl can examine your process, analyze your data and help you improve control and maximize plant performance and profits.

PiControl Solutions LLC is a proud leader in PID tuning, system identification, and advanced process control. For more information on how to eliminate PID control loop interactions, contact us on our website, send us an email, or call us at 832-495-6436.

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