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Next Generation PID Tuning Software And APC (Advanced Process Control)

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Now all plant DCSs and PLCs can easily create Excel files containing PV, OP and SP data from PID controllers or CVs and MVs from DMC or RMPCT controllers.

PITOPS can analyze this data quickly and easily and then help you to:

1) Optimize PID tuning with closed-loop mode – with controllers in auto or even cascade mode!
2) Improve DMC/RMPCT performance by improving dynamic models also using closed loop data!
3) Build virtual sensors and APC (advanced process control) schemes inside DCS or PLC
4) Using SIMCET, build a PID tuning training simulator in just a few hours!

PITOPS works entirely in the time domain, can process multivariable signals simultaneously, works even amidst noise and unmeasured disturbances while isolating the disturbance and determining the true transfer function model.

What was considered “impossible” or “magic” before is now possible using PITOPS software from PiControl Solutions LLC.

PITOPS is Next Generation PID Tuning Software and Closed-Loop System Identification designed for PID tuning optimization, MPC improvements and training of new and experienced process control personnel.

Next Generation PID Tuning Software And APC (Advanced Process Control)

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