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PiControl Solutions Recognized Among 10 Best Chemical Tech Companies of 2021

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Manufacturing Technology Insights Magazine evaluation panel has shortlisted PiControl Solutions LLC to feature as one of the "Top 10 Chemical Tech Solution Providers 2021".  The pallet of PiControl Solutions technology products is as following:

SIMCET:  Real-Time PID Tuning Training and Simulation Software with Certification and Testing Module.  It is heavily used for practice and testing of tuning skills among professors and students, and chemical and process control engineers and control room operators.  It allows them to practice tuning a variety of PID loops on the PC, as the DCS/PLC simulator is in an environment identical to the real DCS/PLC at the plant.  The uniqueness of SIMCET is the tuning of PIDs, which is exactly as if you are tuning loops in the real plant, and it also provides testing and grading features to test the PID tuning skills.

PITOPS:  Multivariable, Closed-Loop System Identification, PID/APC (Advanced Process Control) Design, Tuning and Optimization Module.  PITOPS is the only software product that performs truly closed-loop system identification with the secondary (slave) PID controllers in Auto mode or even Cascade (Remote) mode.  No other competitor tool can do successful system identification using data with PID controllers in Cascade modes, completely oscillatory closed-loop data or even controllers heavily impacted with strong disturbances and noise.  Furthermore, PITOPS performs system identification entirely in the time domain and can even handle multiple inputs and identify multiple dynamical process models simultaneously using a new and novel proprietary breakthrough algorithm that is far superior to the older methods like the ARX/ARMAX/Box and Jenkins methods that are used in competitor tools.  Also, PITOPS can tune single or multiple PIDs or even APC (Advanced Process Control) controllers based on their exact needs and objectives, such as: SP change (step or ramp), disturbance rejection, PID OP rate of change, valve stiction suppression, and others.

COLUMBO:  Closed-Loop Universal Multivariable Optimizer for Model Predictive Control (MPC) Performance and Model Predictive Control (MPC) Quality Improvements.  Columbo uses data in Excel files from DMC (Dynamic Matrix Control) from Aspen Tech, or from RMPCT (Robust Model Predictive Control Technology) from Honeywell or Predict Pro from Emerson and use it to generate and improve correct models for the various MV-CV pairs.  Amazing new optimization technology does not need step tests as required by Aspen tech, Honeywell and others,  Works entirely in the time domain, easy to use, compact and practical.

APROMON:  Online PID/APC (Advanced Process Control) Control Quality and Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Software.  APROMON evaluates single loops, cascade loops, any Advanced Process Control (APC) loops and even signals that have PV only, but no controller associated them.  It has the unique power to automatically convert any controller (flow, pressure, temperature, online analysis, any Advanced Process Control (APC) or and other controller) into a single “grade” factor, just like the grade given by a professor to a student on a test or an examination.  It helps you to continuously concentrate only on the worst operating controllers by providing you their complete diagnostics.

SUPERTUNE:  Fully Automatic Auto-Tuning and Auto-Adaptive Software.  There is no need of any operator intervention, there are no intrusive step tests on anything.  SuperTune just reads the data, watches everything, monitors and learns and then optimizes the loop tuning parameters.  The frequency of adjustment is automatically determined based on loop dynamics:  Can be applied to fast processes like in rotating machinery control systems like turbines and compressors where the settling times are under a second.  Can be applied to flow controllers and pressure controllers where settling times are in the 10-200 second range, sometimes longer especially for PCs.  Can be applied to TCs (temperature PID controllers) where the settling times can be around 10-120 minutes.  Can also be applied to very slow processes like those controlling online analysis using GC (gas chromatograph) or some other online measurements in distillation columns or other equipment, where the settling times can be several hours or even days.

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