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PiControl wins major APC - Advanced Process Control Project

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PiControl Solutions LLC, a major international process control software, APC - advanced process control, MPC - model predictive control and process control training company is pleased to announce being selected by South Hampton Resources in Texas for a Advanced Process Control (APC) project on their complex super-fractionator distillation train.

The project was bid by both MPC and APC reputatble vendors and eventually South Hampton Resources selected PiControl Solutions LLC based on superior offering, modern technology, closed-loop dynamic model identification and on top of all a better price.

PiControl will design and implement DCS-based APC (advanced process control) schemes on South Hampton Resource's Honeywell Experion DCS (distributed control system).

Honeywell is amongst the list of MPC companies providing RMPCT - robust model predictive control technology. Other MPC/APC competitors include Aspen Tech providing DMC - dynamic matrix control software, Emerson providing PredictPro, Shell-Yokogawa providing PACE and SMOC and Foxboro-Invensys-Schenider Electric providing Connoisseur.


While PiControl offers MPC services also, in this case for South Hampton Resources, PiControl was able to examine the process and based on a pseudo-diagonal process and the series nature of the process, was able to offer a superior, more robust and compact solution with even more monetary benefits at lower cost using a DCS-resident APC solution.

For South Hampton Resources, PiControl DCS-based APC will improve the yield on normal-pentane (nC5), iso-pentane (iC5), normal-hexane (nC6) and iso-hexane (iC6) while controlling the feed rate as per demand and minimizing reflux flow and reboiler duties to maximize the process efficiency.

PiControl's PITOPS software - process identification and controller tuning optimizer simulator software and COLUMBO software - closed loop universal multivariable optimizer software are able to analyze short duration process data - one third to one fifth the data quantity needed by Honeywell, Aspen, Yokogawa, Shell, Foxboro, Schneider etc., and then come up with open-loop transfer function dynamic models.

PiControl technology is capable of using data even without step tests where there is only ramping of setpoints or with slave PID controllers even in cascade mode (not just auto mode). PiControl software PITOPS and COLUMBO can work with complete closed-loop data without step tests.

PiControl DCS-based APC does not need the plant to buy a new software nor servers nor any new hardware. All APC can be implemented all completely inside the DCS using standara and custom DCS function blocks and some continuous and discrete logic.

PiControl wins major APC - Advanced Process Control Project 3
PiControl wins major APC - Advanced Process Control Project 4
PiControl wins major APC - Advanced Process Control Project 5

This PiControl APC approach does not need any new servers, no new software, no new hardware - so there are no software products to install and maintain! No expensive hardware refresh, no expensive software, no 1000-page user manuals, no lengthy, difficulty and expensive training, nothing!!! Also, there is no annual fee, no expensive 20% software maintenance fee like all DCS and MPC companies that are so expensive. PiControl will just use the existing DCS or PLC only- what already exists, nothing more!

The whole project is expected to be completed in 4-6 months and improve the efficiency and profits by 2-4%.

Congratulations to PiControl Solutions LLC for winning this important APC/MPC project and beating all MPC and DCS vendors worldwide.

If you like to explore modern MPC/APC solutions to increase your plant profits without buying expensive and complicated software, servers or hardware, please contact PiControl at [email protected].

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