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Short Educational Video on Transfer Function Identification for First Order Plus Dead Time Process Model

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Welcome to the first educational video from PiControl Solutions on practical Industrial System Identification andProcess Control.

Identification of process models is often needed inindustrial process control field. It is very important to understand and implement knowledge of process modeling. This knowledge gives ability to mathematically tune PID control loops, design and calculate PLC/DCS-based Advanced Process Control (APC) parameters and improve the performance of Model Predictive Control (MPC) models and controllers. 

The most used process models are Transfer Function models. In this video, we will show you how to visually identify First-Order Transfer Function parameters with a delay.  Also, we use our industrial simulation package SIMCET, to simulate the first-order process for which we identify parameters only by visual analysis with the help of simple mathematics.

In just 5 minutes, learn how to identify process gain, dead time, and time constant of the First-Order Transfer Function.

SIMCET is a real-time, online PID tuning simulator for practice and testing of tuning skills. Tuning PIDs in SIMCET is exactly as if you are tuning loops in a real plant, therefore, it is a great way for inexperienced technicians and engineers to gain knowledge and confidence in PID tuning.
More info on SIMCET: https://www.picontrolsolutions.com/products/simcet/

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The next video brings Zero-Order Transfer Function visual identification. Stay tuned.

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