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Short Educational Video on Transfer Function Identification: Positive and Negative Model Process Gain

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Welcome to the third video from PiControl Solutions on practical Industrial System Identification and Process Control as we continue with a series of short, practical, and useful educational videos.

In the first two videos, we have seen the identification of zero and first-order transfer functions. There was a difference in positive and negative process gain. Sometimes students and young process engineers struggle with the question of can process gain be negative. Even though it sounds a bit counterintuitive, it is really a question of mathematics, and the answer is – yes, it can be negative.

In this short video we tackle this challenge once and for all, with a set of example simulations from our SIMCET software, with a simple visual and mathematic explanation.

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SIMCET is a real-time, online PID tuning simulator for practice and testing of tuning skills. Tuning PIDs in SIMCET is exactly as if you are tuning loops in a real plant, therefore, it is a great way for inexperienced technicians and engineers to gain knowledge and confidence in PID tuning.

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