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PiControl Company is a technology-development company. We develop cutting edge new ideas and then convert them into process control software products. Following are some of our novel and breakthrough innovations, all developed in-house from pure mathematics and process-control fundamentals.

Closed Loop multivariable process dynamics identification in the time domain using short duration data.

This technological innovation drives the Pitops-TFI (Transfer Function Identification) module. It identifies process transfer functions using either closed-loop or open-loop plant data. The unique feature is that very short duration closed-loop data can be effectively used. The algorithm handles multiple input signals. Use of this novel technique has produced a product with no competitor package in the market – allowing multivariable process identification with short-duration closed loop data.

Closed-Loop Controller tuning optimization for custom cases mimicking exact loop characteristics in the real plant

For every loop, set points are changed by a certain quantity. The loop sees varying quantities of white noise, process drifts and disturbances that affect the loop characteristics and control response. The Pitops – PID software is based on this technological innovation. It allows the user to quickly mimic (simulate) the process behavior on the PC by configuring typical set point changes and disturbances seen in the real plant. After configuring the simulator, a special constrained non-linear optimizer algorithm precisely optimizes controller action while calculating the custom optimized PID tuning parameters.

True amplitude detection to isolate the real process signal from electronic or white noise.

A control loop has varying amounts of noise associated with it. The TAD (True Amplitude Detection) algorithm can decompose real noise from process drift, disturbance or shift. The TAD algorithm can repeatedly and reliably detect controller oscillations (hunting and instability). Both Apromon (Online performance Monitoring product) and Tadpole (Online Oscillation Detection product) are equipped with the TAD algorithm.

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