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PID Opportunities

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PID Control Opportunities

Even in recent times, we find huge savings and other benefits opportunities by implementing various PID control schemes directly inside the DCS or PLC. Many view the PID as a simple, age-old algorithm but do not use it to the fullest potential inside the DCS. We will show you novel, innovative techniques for the following:

  • Primary control tuning optimization.
  • Optimized constraint control.
  • Model-based control using online analyzer feedback.
  • Triple -cascades optimized for tighter control.
  • Optimal and appropriate use of the derivative in special cases.
  • Equipment local and area control optimization

With so many new control engineers coming into the control room every year, there is need for better, more effective training and tools for the control engineer in the control room environment.

A college degree in any of the engineering courses is good start for the control room environment, but these new people do not have the practical exposure to bring their talent abilities to the fullest potential.

Our Simcet PID simulator allows the control engineer to work in real time on typical process control loops like no other tool in the market. From fast flow loops to medium fast pressure loops to temperatures to very slow loops like those controlling online analyzer variables, the new control engineer can tune on the PC as if he is working on the real plant. Since the engineer is working on the PC-based simulator, he or she can fearlessly make controller and tuning changes without any fear of driving loops unstable or causing any plant problems or shutdowns.

Unlike most competitor tools, Our Simcet is a complete real time process control simulator. It starts to simulate process data in real time and continues to run as long as the user desires. Other tools are accelerated simulations – they start at time = 0 until a specific time and then stop. Simcet also allows the control engineer to take various tests and pass the skill requirements before he or she can be considered to be ready for tuning in the real control room environment.

The Pitops-TFI and PID software modules provide all the control room tools you will ever need for the control room environment. These tools provide all the power and the Process Control CBT provides the essential training for a new or experienced control engineer to come up with many new ideas and design, implement various new controllers.

It is amazing how much controller improvement can be made only by thing some critical pressure, level and temperature PIDs. Only a systematic method as recommended and advocated by us shows that quick and easy path for the primary control improvements.

To make sure all the PID controllers work well, the new cutting edge tools Apromon and Tadpole provide all the monitoring necessary in the plant. Apromon is an online process control monitoring tool and Tadpole detects oscillations in the process. Both work as online and real-time, well-suited for the control room environment.

It is estimated that millions of dollars are still to be saved at various plants, in all countries. We expects our tools – Pitops-TFI, Pitops-PID, Simcet, Process Control CBT, Apromon, Tadpole and the numerous additional tools and tutorials to set new, unprecedented standards for the control engineer for the years ahead.

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