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Production Rate Control & Maximization

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PiControl Solutions can show you novel powerful techniques to maximize your plant production rate and increase profits. An entire production rate controller can be designed and implemented directly inside the existing DCS or PLC. PiControl Solutions’s Pitops-TFI module identifies process dynamics precisely based on real plant data and then the Pitops-Control Simulator will calculate and optimize all controller parameters to be input into the DCS. This novel methodology helps to quickly and easily develop a complete process control simulation on any PC. This simulation can be shown to control room operators to gain approval on the control action and make sure that it matches with their experience.

The technique can use open-loop data, closed-loop data or a mixture of both. Data can be single-input or multiple input. PIControl’s Pitops-TFI module is the only true multi-input (multivariable) dynamics identification software that can work with very short-time frame closed-loop data. The package is able to weed out the disturbances and noise and isolate the true process dynamics.

Implementing such production rate maximizers can easily increase a plant’s production rate by 1% to 10%. Market studies and papers indicate that typically 2-5% increase rate can be expected in most chemical, petrochemical and refining processes. The same can apply to paper, pharmaceutical processes and related industry also.

A typical controller schematic is shown in the Figure below.

Production Rate Control & Maximization

PiControl Solutions approach saves you, the plant – significant amount of money by way of increased production rates. PIControl Solution services focus on delivering quality products to the industry at a very attractive price. PiControl Solutions helps the end user to maximize their ability to do the work on their own quickly and easily without the need for much contract and consulting fees which often are the major cost slice in process control or advanced control project. PiControl Solutions can provide quality service by email with help on controller configuration design, development, process dynamics identification and controller parameter optimization.

Before you initiate expensive projects using expensive consulting services and costly multivariable or model-predictive software, first contact PiControl Solutions for amazing low priced solutions at less than one-tenth the cost while delivering the fullest benefits potential. PI Control Company will send you design strategies, ideas and then assist you remotely with the easy but powerful process control software tools.

Pushing against constraints to save money

In most cases, a 2-10% increase in production rate because of better control is huge in terms of payback. In some cases, pushing against specific plant, process or equipment constraints can be a money-saving opportunity.

Your process may need to keep certain valves in fixed ranges for improved quality, in which case a multivariable valve monitoring advanced control application can be very appropriate. Or the process under optimal conditions may require certain temperatures to stay in a fixed operating zone.

The opportunities are endless for saving money both by maximizing rates or pushing against specific constraints. Contact PiControl Solutions today and they will assist you in design very low-cost advanced control solutions right inside your very own existing DCS. PiControl Solutions will provide consulting services remotely via email and help you to get your project running.

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